Social Media Management Virtual Assistant

Free up your time for things that are important to you, and pay only for the hours you need, at a low cost.


Ongoing support for your marketing


No need to hire another employee


College-educated virtual assistants specializing in social media


Dedicated Virtual Assistant Specializing in Social Media

Social media is one of the most critical aspects of digital marketing, no matter your industry. Navigating your way around social media channels and posting relevant content on a regular basis should not be taken lightly.

A social media virtual assistant can assist you or your marketing team with tasks such as setting up social media management tools, creating simple content, scheduling posts, proofreading, and replying to comments..


Take repetitive tasks related to social media off your plate (or your employee’s plate) and spend more time on income-generating activities. myVA360 virtual assistants specializing in social media have the experience and knowledge about best practices for each social channel. They specialize in supporting everyone from full marketing teams to entrepreneurs who want to establish an online presence.